Night Head 2041 Episode 2 Review

This episode opened up a plethora of theories of what’s to come in future episodes. My biggest theory is that the Kuroki brothers are parallel universe versions of the Kirihara brothers. It sounds farfetched, I know. Hear me out.

This reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 so much.

            The last episode had Takuya using a blast of psychic waves to protect Yuya. Who else uses psychic blasts? Naoto. In this episode, Yuya touched his family photo and a vision of the Kirihara brothers appeared in his mind. Who else can see things when touching something? Naoya. With the pigtailed girl appearing before the Kuroki brothers last episode and how she was found in 2023, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was some sort of gatekeeper between parallel worlds. Speaking of which, Mikuriya is present when the girl was found.

2023 Russia
The girl is found by Mikuriya and a Russian scientist.

            The Kirihara brothers were taken to the lab in 2014 and if fifteen years had passed, they should be in the year 2029, but they are in the year 2041—twenty-seven years later. They also seem clueless about the world events like World War 3 and the sudden censorship of supernatural elements. World War 3 never happened during their time, which fuels my theory.

The current date
The date they left their house.

            This episode also reveals that the supernatural ban is pretty much a conspiracy given how the SWE is using a psychic to track down other psychics. It seems hypocritical, and I don’t trust Honda because of it. That Kimie lady is total bad news with her mind control powers.

Kimie Kobayashi using her mind control powers to make people believe she has blades coming out of her.
What’s with that smirk?

            I also wonder how the supposed reveal of the Kuroki brothers being psychics will change the story. They were supposed to be the anti-heroes of sorts? Would their being psychics change the dynamics drastically? They are always mentioned as the ones chasing the Kirihara brothers due to their being psychics, so it would be interesting to see how similar people are on opposing sides.

Yuya being spooked by a vision he saw while touching his family photo.
The vision he saw.

            I wonder what sort of role Russia will play in this universe given that’s where the mysterious girl happens to be in 2023. It also seems as if the war is happening during the search for her; I assume that the Kuroki brothers’ timeline is the real timeline, then?

            Naoto is doing a bad job hiding his powers, but he mainly uses them for self-defense (episode 1) or to protect Naoya. The part where he stops the bullets was a cool detail and it shows off how well the animation flows in CG. It wasn’t bad in the previous episode since Naoto wasn’t at the presence of the SWE like in this episode. After this episode, the chase will begin. Also, can’t the Kirihara brothers just find ONE good place to have a meal?

Naoto protecting Naoya
The Matrix got nothing on Naoto.

            While Miracle Mick is a fake psychic, there are more psychics in this universe that try to hide like the lady from the diner. She has powers too and was doing her best to hide from the SWE. I wonder if the Kirihara brothers will meet her again.

            This episode shows that supernatural or any powers of belief may be banned, there would always be those who do seek it out like those band members. I felt bad for them for getting tricked like that.

Blue hair is voiced by Takuya Eguchi; pink hair is voiced by Ryota Ohsaka; yellow tips is voiced by Shoya Chiba.

            This episode also reveals the opening and ending. I really like both songs. The opening sounds fitting for a sci-fi setting like Night Head 2041. The animation looks nice too, especially the part where Naoto shows off his power. The ending song is a really nice ballad that soothes the excitement of an episode. I’ve never heard any of their previous songs before, but I wouldn’t mind listening to more.

This scene is so cool.

            Questions accumulate with no grand answer in sight for now. This review may be short, but hopefully it will not be in the future. Will the Kirihara brothers be safe and find their place in this bizarre society they are in? Will the Kuroki brothers defect? How long will it take for answers to be given out?

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