The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 12 & Final Thoughts

This episode is basically the conclusion to the rocky beginnings of the Vaninoe friendship and the start of a blossoming bond between them. Vanitas was willing to leave Jeanne behind to check up on Noe after hearing that Ruthven allowed Jeanne to leave Paris to meet with him; he doesn’t even come back for her.

Vanitas checking up on whether bae is fine but bae is sleeping rather strangely.

            Vanitas is slowly changing into a kinder person because of Noe as he is shown to value him a lot more than before. Although there was some awkwardness when Noe wanted to drink his blood, Vanitas ultimately decides that Noe’s not the sort of person who’d want to drink it with ulterior motives; though, Noe did say he had some, but his honesty is what allowed Vanitas to forgive him.

Bros being bros.

            I think this is a pivotal point in their friendship because Vanitas would have abandoned Noe if he were the same person from before, but he’s not. It’s showing that even someone like Vanitas can change. Noe’s working very hard to get Vanitas to open up.

See? Vanitas does care for Noe.

            Was Ruthven’s assault all a dream? It wasn’t, unfortunately. It’s real. Noe gets forced into a blood oath by Ruthven; Ruthven’s plan is to use him as a pawn to use against Vanitas, one day. This oath makes Noe forget what just happened because he doesn’t remember meeting Ruthven earlier.

Go to hell, Ruthven.

            Noe’s behavior changes after the blood oath. He’s slowly behaving like Jeanne, who has an insatiable thirst for blood. He’s normally composed before the incident, but now, he has an unquenchable thirst for blood. It makes me wonder if Jeanne is in a blood oath as well given that Noe’s behavior is mimicking hers. His thoughts about Vanitas also seems to mimick hers as there was a scene where he kept thinking about the many expressions of Vanitas as if he was in love with him or something. Now, this seems like a weird love triangle and I’m all for it.

Noe thinks about Vanitas.

            Speaking of love, we’ve got Roland (the Vanitas simp) studying up on vampires and humans after his encounter with Vaninoe. Roland is slowly becoming a favorite as he seems to value his experience and wants to know more about vampires and humans. He’s no longer the ignorant Christian man, but a man that knows about reality while still adhering to his own beliefs. He may be all smiles and sunshine, but he is a chasseur; even Olivier seems terrified of his power. I feel like Vanitas and Noe have a strong ally on their side. I hope to see what Roland will do as he accumulate knowledge.

He be looking fine.

            Our duo’s next destination is Gevaudan where the La Bete du Gevaudan, a rumored Curse-bearer is said to reside. I’m going to miss the picturesque, storybook drawings of the Curse Bearer stories. They were my favorite portions of the story since they seem so fantastical. I wonder how Vaninoe will work together now that they solidified their bond as a team with their encounter with Predateur.

Gotta love the change in art style whenever these types of scenes pop up.

            Two new characters show up. We’ve got a pink haired androgynous boy (I can tell he’s a boy because I recognize Ayumu Murase’s voice) and a white haired girl caressing a malomen—most likely La Bete. Who is this boy? Who is this girl? What is their story going to be about? I don’t think I can wait for January 2022. It’s gonna be hard to not be able to wait three months.

Love her design!

            Overall, this anime was fantastic. It did Jun Mochizuki’s style justice. The animation quality, the soundtrack and voice acting are all top notch. It makes me want to see what is in store for Season 2 and wonder if Studio Bones will do a Pandora Hearts adaptation. If they announce a new Pandora Hearts anime, whether it is a Season 2 or a remake anime, I will do a face reveal and record myself screaming at the news.

            The characters are all so compelling. Vanitas may be a jerk, but he has a lot of depth than he appears. Noe is a cinnamon roll but he’s also stubborn—the total opposite of Vanitas. Their chemistry is lovely. The side characters are all interesting and important to the story, something I love about Mochizuki’s storytelling; she always makes a way for supporting characters to have significance in the story and I admire her writing skills for that. I want to write just like that some day.

            The story’s formulaic, but it also makes you wonder what will be the outcome of all of this. How many Curse-bearers are there? Will they be able to complete their goal? How will Vanitas die? The way Mochizuki brings these curious questions to her readers makes them want to read more—I’m one of them.

My heart’s not ready for his death.

            The soundtrack is amazing. Yuki Kajiura never disappoints. I want to download her songs and listen to them forever. I also love the difference in music styles from Demon Slayer to The Case Study of Vanitas. With Demon Slayer, she uses Asian instruments to give off the oriental vibes the setting takes place in. In this anime, she uses more European sounds to give off the romance vibes that European cities are known for. I love that one song used in Episode 3 where guitar was used to give off a Spanish feel as Vanitas was seducing Jeanne.

            The voice acting is amazing. Natsuki Hanae really pulled off Vanitas well. From a radio show, Hanae mentioned that Vanitas was a challenging role to audition for because of the way he talked. The way Hanae was able to portray Vanitas’s vocal tone proves how talented he is. Kaito Ishikawa’s Noe is really good too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ishikawa play such an earnest role since I’m mainly familiar with his stern characters like Kageyama, Nine and Kiawe. Seeing him give life to a cutie like Noe makes me realize that he’s talented as well; come to think of it, I think this is the first time I’ve heard Ishikawa use very polite language when playing a character (for me, that is). The supporting cast is amazing too. Jeanne’s voice actress, Inori Minase, is great. I love Kayano’s portrayal as Dominique. Luca’s voice actress is Shino Shimoji who plays Shionne in Tales of Arise; to see her able to play a young boy and a stern woman shows off her versatility and potential to be big in the industry.

            This anime just made me love Mochizuki’s works even more and I totally recommend this to anyone! This even solidifies a place in my top 10 animes of all time, a list that never had major changes until now. This is a solid 10/10 anime for me given how much I loved it and feel the love the production team poured into it.

            I will buy the manga soon and will do a review on them! This story is too good for me to not continue making reviews for.

The first volume of the manga.

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