The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 14 Review: Two Sides

I finally am in the mood to review anime. I apologize for taking so long to resume. When it comes to anime, my mood meanders like waves in a beach. I would watch anime and then I stop and then I have to bring myself to be in the mood to watch it again. While I love The Case Study of Vanitas, it took a while for my anime loving funk to return. There is a big gap between my Episode 13 review and this one—heck, Fall 2022 anime are going to air soon.

Jeanne bashing her head against the wall is me when I realize I haven’t updated my anime reviews.

Enough rambling, let’s get onto the review. What I find interesting about this episode is the title. “The Witch and the Young Man” have three different perspectives. It can mean Jeanne and Vanitas, as they are the central focus of the episode. Jeanne is the Hellfire Witch and Vanitas is an eighteen-year-old young man. It can also mean Chloe and Noe. Chloe is known as the Silver Witch and she’s much older than Noe, a nineteen-year-old young male vampire. It can also mean Chloe and Jean-Jacques, the young man that protects and cares for the Silver Witch. I love how broad the title is.

The main focus of this episode is the aftermath of the chaos that happened in the previous episode. Noe and Vanitas are separated and the Book of Vanitas is no longer in Vanitas’s possession due to the twist of the chain being broken. Vanitas is poisoned by Astolfo from the previous episode and is found by Jeanne who takes him into a cabin and nurses him back to health. Noe is taken to a castle where Chloe resides.

Poisoned Vanitas

The mood of the Vanitas side is sensual in a way? Like Vanitas and Jeanne became super intimate with each other despite them being enemies. I was literally getting shy and flustered when they lock lips for Jeanne to give Vanitas water. I also really liked seeing Vanitas in a very vulnerable state as he’s usually so guarded and prickly in a way. Jeanne’s comedic realization of what happened during the night was super hilarious! I totally love how she’s obliviously impulsive.  I like both Noe x Vanitas and Vanitas x Jeanne, so this pleased me as a shipper.

Mochizuki’s really going hard with the romance subplot here.
Très embarrassant!
Literally my reaction to all the intimate scenes.

Speaking of which, Vanitas being a bit of a tsundere regarding Noe’s well-being is always nice. It’s development from the selfish and cold jerk we saw in the beginning. He may never admit it, but he does really care for Noe in his own Vanitas-like way. I hope they reunite soon.

Vanitas being on edge because he’s worried about Noe.

The mood of Noe’s perspective was comedic, but also a bit uncomfortable. It was hilarious because Noe’s reaction to Chloe sucking his blood, but it was also uncomfortable because she was doing this without his consent. Other than that, Noe’s side was interesting because it ended in a cliffhanger of sorts. The ending where Noe goes to Chloe’s dining table and sees Charlatan’s gang was totally spooky.

This scene made me flustered too.

Jean-Jacques is quite the mystery. We know that Chloe has lived for a very long time from Jeanne’s anecdotes, so we know that she’s an old vampire. Who is Jean-Jacques though? Is he human? Vampire? I hope the next episode details more about him. All I know about him is that he’s a simp for Chloe.

Advocator of consent?
Calm your tits, dude
He’s a simp for her.

Chloe herself is a mystery too. She’s said to be the Beast, but we have never seen her become the beast. Her clothes aren’t tattered nor is she unstable in a way. She’s calm, composed and always keeps a smile. The way she can easily goad Jean-Jacques feels like a hint that maybe she’s not the Beast but Jean-Jacques is and that she turns him into the monster. Either that or they both become the Beast. Why is this woman in cahoots with Naenia? Is Chloe a Curse-Bearer? The mysteries keep piling up and it excites me.

Chloe from Jeanne’s memories
Chloe in the present–is it just me or did she get younger?

Astolfo was not shown much, but the fact that he has a subordinate and that he still wants to keep hunting worries me. What is he going to do?

Astolfo and his subordinate Marco

I can’t wait to watch the next episode. I enjoyed this one for the tone changes and what it did for Vanitas and Jeanne’s characters as individuals. I’m looking forward to see where this arc is headed.

I really like Jeanne’s eyes in this shot.

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